Let go to Let in – Take control

As my childhood memory, I remember the time when every last Sunday of the month was reserved for cleaning/decluttering activities in my house. De-cluttering the junk, clearing out a bunch of things that were no longer used or needed, and literally rubbing the furniture with cleaners & cloths until it shines and sparkles.

I always wondered, “why do we have to this de-clutter”? I mean, it’s perfect the way it is. Look at that pretty (okay, not so pretty) (I agree, ugly) junk drawer full (to the extent that it is not even closing anymore) with chocolate wrappers, useless advertisement mails, broken screwdrivers, coins from last century, melted birthday candles, and information flyers that were so worn out that they look literally like a cryptic code to a hidden treasure. And across all countries, cultures, and class there is one thing we share – that amazing chest of garbage bag emergencies!!!

Obviously, my only purpose and need to declutter back then was to make it look nice and clean. But now when I look back and think about this childhood activity which gave me immense pleasure and joy was actually me not decluttering things but letting them go…Letting go is not about giving up, it is about taking control…It is about making a decision to keep things that serve you, it is about focusing on what’s important to you, it is about creating space for new things that will make you better. Sounds too deep? let’s break this down…

Letting go is often looked as psychological or spiritual phenomena. But if we look at the crux of it, many companies use it in their organizational practices. For e.g. Delegation. Trust me delegation is no different than letting go. Yes, it is an act of assigning responsibility to someone else, but one can only do that (successfully) when one gets completely rid of hanging on to that activity which is now not hers/his. An interesting management study on delegation found that close to half of the 300 companies surveyed were concerned about their employees’ delegation skills. And one of the top reasons for not delegating is the fear of letting go. This is because letting go is usually associated with either losing control or losing self-confidence.

Letting go, in true essence, is the most powerful asset you can have. Letting go for me are these two simple things:

1. Let go of the fear that controls your power to make choices, decisions, and take actions. Instead, take control by letting in new things that serve your purpose. While letting go may sound emotional, intuitive, and subjective, take control by calculating the effects of what you are letting in next. Key point: it does not imply letting go or giving up on your dreams (never). It implies to moving forward or moving past the hurdles that are stopping you from chasing your dreams.

2. Let go of the thinking of what others think of you. Decide for yourself. Take what you need and just dive in. PS: when I was contemplating writing my first blog, the only fear I had was of what would others think of me, my views, opinions, and perspectives. But trust me when I took the leap and just dove in, that feeling of accomplishment, feeling of trusting your gut, and the confidence that changes into self-efficacy is truly worth it. Don’t expect anything in return, just keep going.

So who’s ready to declutter the junk compartment of their brain, mind, or body and take on the new? Who’s ready to let go to let in and create space for something good, interesting, exciting, and uplifting. Perhaps, it may not be better than what you had, but you will certainly have a different experience and who knows you will find a different you!

I am strong because I am relentless, not because I am hopeful!

Waking up at 8:00 am this morning, stretching long head to toe, slowly putting my feet on the floor, opening the curtains one by one, and hugging the bright ray of sun beaming through my window – all with a smile. But did I go to bed last night with a smile? No. How about the day before? Nope, I did not. It was a terrible day, terrible week, a terrible month. So you would ask, what is different today? Did the sun shine brighter this morning, maybe it was the crisp of air that made me happy, maybe I had a pleasant dream last night, or maybe I was hopeful today…but, shockingly, none of this happened…what was it then?

It was relentlessness!! Yeah, I’m might sound totally crazy here, but it was that. Bernard Williams said, “There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.” While I agree with this, I often wonder if “hope” is really & always enough? Does it add enough calm to our trembling minds, wavering bodies, and confused souls? And I end up thinking maybe yes, maybe it does, and it is a great gift to have, but not enough without relentlessness. Because relentlessness is the only thing you have when the last thing you had was hope. Hope is for you, but relentlessness is you, it is within you, it has made you. Only you see it and only you can make the mountains move with it.

I woke up with a smile today not because my day was going to be any different or not because I was “hoping” it to go better. My smile simply meant that no matter how you (referring to today) turn out to be, I am ready to take you on, not with hope, but with the determination, perseverance, persistence, tenacity, belief, and resiliency that I have and have always had towards myself and within me. 

I am strong because I am more relentless than I am hopeful. Because one can crush my hope & dreams but what keeps me together (with a smile) is my relentlessness! 

Be a warrior, because warriors don’t hope, they work for it relentlessly.  Ask yourself every day, am I hopeful? Or am I relentless? 

Yours truly,

‘Real’ly Inspiring!