What If,

What If– Two words that can change the way you look at everything, including yourself. 

What If, I take that leap of faith, knowing it’s going to be scary, full of unknowns, but a blissful process of shedding that skin I have been accumulating for years, which (I think) gives me warmth and cuddles. Just like the trees in autumn, change their colors, sheds themselves off their branches – their only place of support, strength, and existence, to grow into something even beautiful next year. Just like the caterpillar who leaves its cocoon to grow and fly free, tasting the nectar of blossoming flowers, boundlessly. Had the leaves or the caterpillar listened to the world who believed letting go was a sign of weakness, would they ever be free and something so beautiful? 

What If, I hear that voice inside of me that urges to just have faith in the unknowns, feel the process of discovering myself, and trust that I am being guided and protected no matter what. 

What If, I believe that my fear of tomorrow is taking away today, the only present moment that is rightfully mine! The only time that hasn’t gone or is not yet to come, it is now and it is here! I can see it, hear it, feel it, and live it the way I always wish my tomorrow is. What if I make this moment to work for myself, absorb it, get close to it, see within it, only to discover how beautiful it is than the delusional tomorrow. 

What If, for a moment I let go the thought of “oh I wish tomorrow is…” and instead ask, “I wished for today, so why am I here?” What has brought me to this moment and what does it deserve from me? Does it deserve fear, depression, anxiety, anger, rage, frustration or does it deserve gratitude, freedom, kindness, laughter, love, and my complete honest self. 

What If, I say YES to the opportunities knocking my doors or I get up and knock theirs, express my love to someone who deserve, say NO to people who have only blocked my path to freedom.

What If, I trust the timing of life, not making stories in my head of how horrifying it might be, or list 10 million reasons for why I am not worth it.  

What If, I am just one step away from living a totally different life, and I take that step today…

Fear of letting go is making me live with things the way they are, over and over again. Can I instead just trust it once, and have a completely different life that is chosen by me for myself? I owe this to my birth, my existence, my life, and my death.

Your Truly,

‘Real’ly Inspiring!

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