Soul Connection

Have you ever wondered what it is like to connect with people at the Soul Level?

The feeling of deeper understanding of their thought process, seeing it through with your eyes wide open. You want to thank them for coming into your life and changing the direction of your existence towards something better. You become even a better version of yourself, you value your dreams more, you except your imperfections and understand what it means to let growth in, to let life teach you lessons in the most malleable way, to let love in because you now have so much love to give.

Everything, even the most difficult of the things, start to come together because the universe is working to match your energies. Life doesn’t get easy, you solve the riddles slowly by tuning into each other.

Have you ever had that moment when you Smiled, when you laughed, not just at their jokes, but because you’ve always wanted to share this moment with a person, and are so grateful to be here?

You wait for even a simple text from them that says, “How is it going”, or a “Good Morning”, or “Hope you’re having a good day”. This means the world to you because you know they are checking up on you, they care, and they show that by putting those efforts.

When you meet them, you start to grow into a new person. You start moving into a whole new energy. You can’t really explain it, but you know that it was always meant to be. You feel centered, balanced, and there is this angelic calm inside of you even when you are fighting a whole different storm outside of you.

You pray for them without them knowing, isn’t it the most deeper and purest of love? – Like having a thick skin to take on that cold, but moisturizing spiritually?

The beauty of having this soul connection is, it only happens when you trust the doors the universe is opening for you. You can’t have it before, you can never have it later, you have it when it’s your time. You can’t manipulate the outcome, nor can you push it away or hide it under a rug, because what it meant to be, will always be! What is yours, will always find you…Whatever it takes!

So don’t pray for you to fall in love. Pray that the one that is meant to be yours, finds you and that you recognize it. Pray for it to last, not for it to stay.

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